Student Testimonials

“You are amazing! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. I certainly owe you that.”


“You make the day so much brighter!”

“That was wonderful! Even though pretty challenging.”

“Thank you for a great class. I really appreciate your corrections.”

“That was the most beautiful plié choreography I have ever experienced. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much, Ms Anne-Sophie, you are really the best beautiful ballet teacher. sometimes I forget dancing instead watching you or hear your voice.”

“Your upbeat and welcoming attitude, and the personal help you gave me in classes brought me so much hope and happiness (…). It felt so great to know that even over zoom I could still make progress.”

“I wanted to let you how much your zoom classes have meant to me. (…) Getting to take class from you was truly the silver lining of the pandemic for me, and I am so pleased with my improvements in strength and flexibility!”